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Reconnect each other as lovers by the art of touch
"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around"
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Live an incredible tantric experience with your partner!

My name is Claudia Gabucio and I specialized in couples therapy. My technique teaches you to how to reconnect with each other through the ancient art and of touch and through that touch, to awaken all your senses and awake the most powerful energy that we all have our sexual energy. 


My therapy has helped and taught thousands of couples worldwide to be better lovers, to improve a routinary marriage life, and give back that complicity we all felt when we were in love for that first time with each other.


Make an appointment with me, if you are reading this it's because you were meant to, it does not matter whether you have been married a day or 50 years, I will show you what sensual means through the power and the art of touch.


The therapy is a holistic, sensuous, and tantric massage that will awaken your senses and help you reconnect that missing or hidden magic touch with your loved one. The idea is to give you first a massage by me, and at some point incorporate your partner into the 4 hand sensual, loving massage and teach him/ her how to work on each other.


The therapy lasts 3 hours in which you will learn techniques on how to touch, how to be touched and experience the most exciting massage of your life. The whole session is loving, peaceful, sensuous and more than anything very healing. It is also designed to help you quiet the mind and forget everyday life, the classic routine at home and rediscover you as lovers.

Will I have sex during the therapy? The answers is NO


This is a sensual therapy, not a sexual session. There is a fine line between sensual and sexual as well as a huge gap in between both and I take very good care as to not cross it because then the work that I do will be lost. 


You will be experiencing a serious of techniques and ways to reconnect with each other, you will experience an amazing massage by me and at some point your partner will join me to give you a 4 hand therapy session guided by me in which you will enjoy your whole body through different touches as you have never done before. I am sure that after the session you will have a special and strong connection with each other and will take advantage of it once at the privacy of your hotel room or home.


It is often common for a man to have an erection during the session as well as the women to feel excited, it is OK to have these feelings and if it doesn't happen it's OK too. Remember this is a sensual therapy and the more you let go the better you will enjoy the session. You and I will touch every single part of the body with your partner and both of you will experience this when it's your turn on the massage table.


In case you feel uncomfortable with a certain area not to be touched, it's ok with me. Remember that the most important part of myself is to take care of you, to make you have a wonderful time during your session, to enjoy your bodies, enjoy yourselves, to have an amazing, peaceful, loving and relaxing time during my workshop.

To all the gentlemen that frequently ask me, will I have a happy ending? 


In the case of the gentlemen, you will probably be able to experience a TANTRIC ORGASM which is a whole different thing! You can have an orgasm all over your body, not only focused on the genital area. Tantra is a whole lifestyle and there are so many things involved and massages are a little tool that can take you there.


What I teach is TANTRA, not NEO TANTRA.  Tantra will never teach you how to have better happy endings ( like the way you should think you have to !) Tantra is much more than that! Is to learn to discover that powerful energy that we all have and move that energy all over the body. Is to have that love, respect, and mercy for ourselves, for our body and our soul.


And again about that particular question – The answer is YES! There hasn't been one single person that left my studio without a big smile on their face, with homework to do at home, with a new way to love their partner and with a strong feeling of connection with their special someone, so, everyone does have a happy ending!


REMEMBER, the body is the suit of our soul and we should all treat it with the respect and love it deserves.


Any other questions or doubts you may encounter please write me back and I will immediately answer back.


I hope to see you guys soon at my new studio in Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Mexico.

My studio in Puerto Morelos offers a safe environment at ALL TIMES. The therapy goes very well on any occasions, it's an amazing way to start your vacation and immediately relax, reconnect and get ready to enjoy the rest of your stay. I have been listed among the top 20 activities to do while in Cancun or Riviera Maya and a couples activity that you just cannot miss.


If you are celebrating a special holiday like an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, or just because you want to surprise your loved one, my session will be a wonderful gift for both and a delightful way to spend your morning in complicity.


I only take ONE appointment a day, could be at 11:00 am or at noon from Monday until Saturday. 


Make your appointment prior your arrival to secure your booking.


If you have any questions or doubts about the sessions feel free to send me an email or contact me via Facebook on “A Touch of Magic By Claudia”


See you soon at my studio. Remember to always keep the flame of love alive.




Claudia Gabucio.

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About Claudia

My name is Claudia Gabucio; I am a licensed physical therapist specialized in couples with over 25 years of experience. I have studied in many schools and have licensed in many different techniques that go from, bodywork, spiritual work, and theta healing, to angel therapy, heal your life teacher and love coach ( licensed by Hay House Incorporation ), sexual education and many other areas.


I have worked in Mexico, Canada and in the USA. I have also worked with many recognized doctors and instructors worldwide in many fields that instructed me what I teach and offer today. 


Throughout my many years of service, I have consulted more than 20,000 couples from all over the world. Couples from Dubai or China and as far as Brazil, a good portion of these couples have scheduled the Therapy on more than one occasion.


More information about the therapy

What kind of couples book my appointment? couples who are looking to explore their sensuality and sexuality. These therapies help you have more pleasure, greater intimacy, and connection and guide you to have more love, fun, and excitement. This often extends into learning about sexual energy and the connection between sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality, how we can use sexual energy for healing, meditation, creativity and expanding ourselves and our relationships.


Because sexual energy is such a powerful force we can use it as a channel for healing and exploring many other aspects of our lives. By releasing blockages in these energies we can free ourselves from the patterns of the past and create pleasure experiences and relationships that are fulfilling.


Love is Love

Love knows no boundaries neither distinguishes gender, Love is love.


As you can read my information, I specialized in couples, mostly heterosexual. Nevertheless, my studio, technique, teachings, and therapy is for everyone. The final message through my work is to reconnect with each other as lovers, regarding the gender. 


My studio is an open house full of love for those seeking to improve communication with their partner and discovering the sensual side of everyday life. Sensual doesn´t mean sexual.


If you are looking to try and experience a true moment of commitment, passion, and love, make an appointment with me, I will love to see you and show you what thousands of couples have experience with me throughout my career.

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